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Are you experiencing a pinched nerve?

Pinched nerve is a term that gets thrown around very loosely in the world of neck and back pain. Many people that are diagnosed with this type of injury will feel a “pinch” with some sort of movement of the body or head.

So then what’s a true pinched nerve?

A true pinched nerve is the compression of a nerve between two structures. Most often this occurs between an intervertebral disc (bulging or herniated) and an adjacent part of a vertebrae. When a nerve is “pinched” in this way, a patient will feel a constant ache in that area. At it’s most severe state, there will be noticeable tingling and numbness down the arm or leg. A pinched nerve, since it’s only affecting one single nerve, will only affect one extremity on one side of the body. Without the burning, tingling or numbness in an area, a diagnosis of a pinched nerve is highly unlikely.

If you’re feeling a sharp localized pain when turning in a certain direction (head, neck, lower back), it’s most likely not a pinched nerve. It’s a more common dysfunction usually related to scar tissue development or compression of menisci within the facet joint of the spine.

A true pinched nerve, as defined above, can be resolved by seeing a manual therapist. At Zelasko Soft Tissue and Spine, we can discuss treatment options that’ll reduce all biomechanical dysfunction around the area of the problem, reducing compression on the nerve and relieving your pain.

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