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What is a Biomechanical Screening?

Biomechanical screening is simply the assessment of a certain movement of any joint or combination of joints in the body. It’s extremely useful for identifying which parts of the body are functioning properly and which aren’t.

The movement is performed by the patient on their own while the doctor observes, or with the doctor’s “hands on” assistance or guidance. The second option, when possible, is normally a better option since the doctor can get feedback through his hands on how the joints and structures of the body are functioning.

At Prime Spine Associates, our Elma Chiropractors observe the following four main areas when performing an assessment:

  1. Gross Range of Motion
  2. Segmental Range of Motion
  3. Quality of Movement
  4. Symptoms

All of the points above help us to determine a definitive diagnosis in order to treat specific parts of the body that are not working properly.

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