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What is Instrument Adhesion Release (IAR)?

Instrument Adhesion Release (IAR) is the best Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization in existence today. It has replaced Graston Technique, ASTYM, Gua Sha tools, Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (SASTM), ConnecTX Therapy, Fibroblaster and many others.

I’ve tried each and every one of the treatments/instruments above and IAR beats all of them. From the education to the hands on training to the instrument itself, IAR comes out on top every single time. This superiority is why I choose to use IAR on a daily basis with my patients.

That said, there are some areas of the body that instruments just aren’t the best choice.

At Prime Spine, we always use the best form of treatment possible for the pathology that we’re treating. It’s referred to as “Sweet Spot” treatment. A special thank you to Dr. William Brady for introducing me to this concept back in 2009.

In short, there’s an ideal form of treatment for every type of problem that we encounter. By applying the “Sweet Spot” treatment, we’re matching the best treatment option in order to see maximum results in the shortest period of time.

This concept is not new, in fact, you’ve been exposed to it from the time you were a baby. For example, when you were asked to put the square block in the square hole or to use a screwdriver for a screw or a hammer for a nail. Such a simple concept that, for some reason, so many healthcare professionals forget about.

Our Elma chiropractors educate and arm ourselves with the knowledge and tools to treat your injuries in the most efficient and successful way possible.

Certified in Advanced Chiropractic Care

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