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Are you experiencing sacroiliac pain (SI joint pain)?

Sacroiliac pain or SI joint pain is most commonly associated with pain in the lower back just below the belt line on either side. This joint is made up of the sacrum and ilium. It does not have much motion associated with it, but does move to some degree during normal gait.

Pain in the lower back just below the beltline is commonly diagnosed by chiropractors as SI joint pain.

The reason for this is because most chiropractors are thinking “what joint can i adjust to fix this patient” instead of thinking “what is causing this patient’s pain, and what is the best treatment, even if it’s not something I can provide.”

So most Elma chiropractors go on to think pain close to the SI joint must mean your SI joint is out of place. “I’ll just adjust it, and the world will be perfect again.”

Unfortunately, the majority of the time, this is not the proper diagnosis and the patient and doctor are settling for a temporary cure to the pain and not addressing the functional problem at hand.

A proper diagnosis of this type of pain includes a thorough evaluation of the hips and lumbar spine to pinpoint the origin of the problem.

Once a complete and accurate diagnosis is achieved, proper treatment is selected and applied to the patient to fix that problem. It does not matter if the proper treatment is something we do in our office.

Your body does not, in fact, care what technique or treatment I am trained in. It simply cares about what it needs to fix the problem. If a better form of treatment is warranted that we do not perform, you will be referred for that treatment. We simply have your body’s best interest at heart.

To be treated for SI Joint Pain by Elma chiropractors Dr. Zelasko or Dr. McCrea call (716) 677-5525.

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