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The #1 cause of musculoskeletal pain is Adhesion.  Adhesion develops in the muscles and areas of the body we use the most often.  Adhesion acts like glue sticking muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments together causing decreased flexibility and weakness.  Ultimately, if left untreated, adhesion increases the aging process and shortens the life of your joints and cartilage.

there are exactly zero drugs that reduce muscle adhesionWe are experts at diagnosing and treating adhesion.  In fact there are only 3 providers within 100 miles of Buffalo, NY that are certified in identifying and reducing adhesion.  There are many other techniques and forms of treatment that claim to be able to do this, none of which are as good as the ones we use in our office.
If you have noticed feeling less flexible or difficulty moving around.  You may have adhesion as part of your problem.  Give us a call for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.
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