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Are you experiencing knee pain as a result of a sudden or chronic injury?

So your knee hurts, and you have no idea why. Or perhaps you know exactly why- you went skiing for the first time this year and the next day you woke up with horrible knee pain. Perhaps you started a running program and 3 months later the outside of your knee is killing you. Are you a Crossfitter?

There are many reasons your knee may have started acting up, from hip dysfunction to problems around the ankle or foot. However, we first we need to look at the knee joint itself.

When the knee gets overused our bodies will develop scar tissue around the joint and surrounding structures that take the most abuse. Frequently it’s the capsule and meniscus (cartilage) that are involved. As the knee bends, the meniscus should slide around in a certain way. But when scar tissue adheres the meniscus to the surrounding capsule, the result is an abundance of compression throughout the meniscus. Long story short, without proper care, you’re beating up that healthy cartilage and shortening the life span of your knee!

Here is a simple chiropractic test we recommend at Prime Spine Associates that you can do at home to see if you fall into this category: kneel on the ground (preferably a rug to make it more comfortable) and point your toes so the tops of your feet are flush with the floor. Now try and sit back on your heals. Can’t make it? Is it painful? You should be able to sit back on your heals with no discomfort. If you can’t, you should be examined by an Elma chiropractor immediately.

Once the scar tissue is broken down and the meniscus is moving properly again you can continue your training or activity as you were before the pain appeared. Even if you can perform this chiropractic test with ease, if you still have knee pain during other activities, you need to seek chiropractic help.

All this test is meant to do is identify a problem directly at the knee joint itself. If this test is clear, you most likely have a problem at the hip or ankle/foot that is creating your knee pain. To get your body fixed before these conditions cause long-term damage, schedule a call with our Elma chiropractors at 716-677-5525 immediately.

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