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There are many types of headaches. The pounding behind your eyes headache.  The vice that keeps squeezing and squeezing your temples.  Or, that constant feeling of fogginess that just won’t lift.  There’s a solution for all of these symptoms, we just need to identify what that is for you.

Many headaches are the result of sinus pressure, food sensitivities and dehydration. However, all too often we blame headaches on these factors when there’s more to it.

The majority of people suffer from muscle tension that contributes, if not causes, head pain. The six tiny muscles (suboccipitals) at the base of the skull are the main culprits. The feeling is usually described as a tightness at the base of the skull.  This eventually tends to radiate towards the forehead and right behind the eyes.

So what’s actually happening with these Headaches?

As we look forward at our phones, computer screens, and tablets, our necks go into flexion.  This causes our head to come forward of our shoulders.  In order to get our eyes up to see the screen, we need to contract these tiny muscles at the base of the skull to level our head. The sustained contraction of these muscles results in the formation of muscle adhesion or scar tissue. Over time, this scar tissue restricts our motion and this posture gets more and more difficult to maintain, causing the headaches.

The good news is, we can help tame Headaches for good!

By specifically diagnosing and targeting treatment to these structures at the base of the skull, we’re able to break the scar tissue down without damaging the musculature. What’s left? A feeling of being free and able to stand taller. The ability to turn and look over your shoulder, work on the computer longer, and better yet, no more headaches!

Note: ***For this area of the body, instrument assisted work, such as Graston Technique, Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization and Instrument Adhesion Release, aren’t good choices for treatment. Your doctor needs to use his hands (Manual Adhesion Release, known as MAR, Active Release Treatment, known as ART) in order to generate enough tension to effectively and successfully treat these structures. After initial progress, results should be sustainable without the need for weekly treatments. ***

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