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Are you experiencing pain as a result of ankle strains / sprains?

Ankle strains / sprains by definition:  a strain is when a muscle or tendon is injured when load suddenly exceeds the capacity of said structure while a sprain is when ligamentous tissue is injured when load suddenly exceeds the capacity of said structure. Both injuries are due to damage to specific tissue and result in the body laying down adhesions (scar tissue) in order to heal the damaged structures.

If you’ve read anything about adhesions or scar tissue on this site, you’re right on track when you think, “so can this adhesion be manipulated by a chiropractor to expedite the healing process?”.

First, we need to find out why the injury happened. Barring a sudden twist of the ankle or other traumatic event, a lot of sprains and strains happen after the accumulation of adhesions alter your body’s ability to move properly. When this is the case, our diagnostic and treatment protocols at Prime Spine Associates effectively identify the restrictions that lead to the injury and then break down that underlying cause. This can all be addressed right away within the first two weeks after an injury.

Secondly, we need to address the traumatically injured tissue and get it back to full working capacity. Our same process of diagnosis and treatment will identify which structures were damaged and that healed in a way that restricts it’s full range. This is a very common occurrence that, when left untreated, leads to further injuries down the road. Just look at professional athletes as their careers come to an end-Injuries start to pile up making participation in their sport at such a high level very difficult without causing additional injuries.

Sprains and strains are just like any other injuries. They aren’t  fun and usually start to reoccur as we age. Limit their occurrence by getting treated after the first episode and enjoy a longer active lifestyle.

To get your sprains or strains treated before they cause long-term damage, give us a call at 716-677-5525 and have one of our Elma Chiropractors treat your condition.

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