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Are you experiencing back spasms?

It’s a sharp pain that feels like a knife has been jammed in your back every time you move.  It’s like it comes out of nowhere, and it can stop you dead in your tracks.  When it’s at its worst, it can even keep you from getting out of bed.  Yes, it’s those nasty back spasms.  

BUT, the quick tightening of the muscles in your back is the symptom, not the problem.  In order to properly treat this pain, we need to identify the actual problem causing the muscles to spasm.  Muscles always spasm for a reason, we just need to figure out why.

Back spasm causes

Some simple things that cause muscle spasms are dehydration and lack of a mineral such as magnesium.  However, these types of problems are usually associated with traditional muscle cramping and not the violent sudden spasms that we are talking about here.  

Violent muscle spasms are normally a protective mechanism of the body.  This means the body is actually telling these muscles to spasm on purpose, for your own GOOD.  The body is actually telling those muscles to forcefully contract because you are in a better position or posture when those muscles are shortened.  If you were to go into a position that those muscles would lengthen, it would cause more damage to the underlying injury.  

Your lower back for instance is in a much safer position when you are sitting or standing up straight with “good” posture.  So if you have an injury to your lower back and you try leaning forward, it puts more pressure on that injury and the resultant protective mechanism of your body is to contract the muscles that will straighten you back up.  

How to treat back spasms

Muscle relaxers are not the proper cure because the muscle spasms that these drugs are trying to fix isn’t the problem.  Your best bet is get to an Elma chiropractor, get a specific diagnosis, and follow a treatment protocol so that you can rehab the problem at hand.  

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