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Are you experiencing forearm pain?

The forearm houses the muscles, nerves and tendons that control your hands, wrists, and elbows. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of having to go a day or more without use of your hands, you will appreciate how vital your forearms functions truly are! The following are types of pain associated with the forearm.

Aching Pain

An aching forearm is usually the result of one of the nearby joints (elbow, wrist, hand) being damaged to a point where inflammation has occurred.

NO, don’t run and take anti-inflammatory medications; it will not fix your problem! The inflammation is caused by the increased compression, or use of those joints over a period of time.

Tingling or Burning Pain

This is neurological pain. Somewhere in the area where your nerve leaves your spine in your neck and travels down your arm to your forearm this nerve is getting stuck.

Most likely the cause of adhesion (glue) formation is from the day-to-day overtaxing use of your forearm.

Sharp Pain

This typically occurs closer to the attachment sites of the flexor or extensor tendons at the elbow. This results in what is usually diagnosed as “Golfer’s” or “Tennis Elbow.”

The tendons become damaged and elicit a sharp pain when you try to use them. This kind of pain signal is your body telling you “there’s a big problem.” In this situation, it is extremely important to come in and have it fully diagnosed before it becomes an even bigger problem.

By treating the root cause, the pain will go away, and your motion and strength can return to normal. It is not worth risking further damage.

If you’re suffering from forearm pain, be treated by Orchard Park Chiropractor Dr. Brian Zelasko by calling (716) 677-5525.

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