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Are you experiencing lower back pain?

Pain in your lower back can can be one of the most debilitating pains a person can experience.  

The worst part is that if you’re suffering from this pain, others who haven’t experienced it themselves will never respect what you are going through.

 If you haven’t experienced it, I hope you never have to!

Causes of lower back pain

The majority of lower back pain is the result of injuries or breaking down of the intervertebral discs in the lumbar spine.  

This is when the cartilage that helps support and cushion the vertebrae in your lower back starts to break down over time, normally showing signs of wear and tear once you hit your 40’s.  

If you are part of the athletic or heavily active population, you may experience it even sooner.  Sadly, with the prioritization of youth sports these days our young athletes are learning what back pain is in their teenage years.

Over time, the discs in our lower back slowly break down. This breaking down of the cartilage results in the body sending more blood flow to the area in hopes to heal the damage.  

This increase in blood flow is otherwise known as inflammation.  Yes, inflammation is a good thing in this case because it’s helping your body to heal itself.  

The negative to this inflammation is that it creates pain due to the increase in pressure.  

Any time a person challenges this damaged cartilage by bending forward or lifting something heavy they can expect to get more stiffness and/or pain in their lower back.  

Even running or sprinting can have a negative effect on the discs in our lower back if they are already damaged, to a certain extent.  

Preventing lower back pain

If you are an active individual or an athlete, you should be seeing an chiropractor in Orchard Park or manual therapist regularly to help your recovery and also to help prevent injuries like back pain from occurring.

 The best form of treatment is always proactive preventative treatment.  It’s your body, and it’s your responsibility.  

Don’t wait until parts of it are broken to try and fix it.

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