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Rehab Exercise Prescription

At Prime Spine, we recommend rehabilitative exercises (rehab exercise prescription) when they’re needed.  That’s right, not everyone will require exercises in order to recover from their injuries.

“But how can that be? My physical therapist gave me 30 exercises to do three days a week, and you’re telling me I might not need any?”

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Exercises strengthen musculature. Therefore, we prescribe exercises when we see a relevant weakness that needs to be addressed.

What needs to be done before Rehab Exercise Prescription?

When we reduce adhesion and restore normal flexibility to the tissue in your body, the possibility of there being weakness is directly related to the length of time adhesion has been present. The longer that muscle has been restricted with adhesion, the greater the chance it has atrophied and become weak.  Majority of the time, normal everyday use will be enough to strengthen the musculature back to a state of healthy working capacity . However, in today’s mentality of putting things off (patient waits too long to get treated), we tend to see a good deal of weakness that needs to be addressed.

Since we’re only talking about one small area, we only need one maybe two exercises in order to regain that strength to help the recovery process.  We know that nobody WANTS to do exercises at home.  Even the patients that ask for exercises, don’t follow through majority of the time.

We get it, so our Elma chiropractors only give our patients what they’ll actually do, and provide them with the “most bang for your buck” style of exercise.

A good rehab exercise should take you no more than 10 minutes a day to perform.  Our rehab exercise prescription is just as specific and detailed as our treatment prescription.  If you feel as if you’ve put off an injury too long and need to get it addressed, call us today at 716-677-5525.

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