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Soft focus woman massaging her painful foot while exercising. Running sport injury concept.

Are you experiencing foot pain as a result of a sudden or chronic injury?

The feet are our connection with the ground. We lose that connection, and we have to adapt to a drastically different lifestyle.  Foot pain can be present in many different ways, from sharp, dull, burning or even tingling. It can appear on the outside of the little toe, in the arch, under the ball or even on top of the foot.

The quantity and location of the pain provide a great deal of information when diagnosing a foot problem. For example, sharp pain during an activity, and dull ache at rest on the outside of the foot, is most likely a problem with the lower leg and specific attachments of a group of muscles called the peroneals.

Is this definitely the problem?

It could also be an avulsion fracture of the styloid process on the fifth metatarsal, otherwise known as Dancer’s Fracture.

A slight ache in the same part of the foot that turns into a tingle or pins and needles could be a neurological issue. Most likely a problem in your lower back or nerve entrapment somewhere between your lower back and your foot at that side of your body.

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