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Motion Palpation “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Motion Palpation is a specific technique we use at Prime Spine Associates to scan the spine for any restricted joints that need to be adjusted using Chiropractic Manipulation. Similarly to how we follow our unique process to identify which soft tissue structures are causing you pain, Motion Palpation allows our Elma chiropractors to follow a process to identify which joints in your spine are injured and causing you distress.

When your car won’t start, your mechanic doesn’t simply open the hood and replace everything inside. Instead, he follows a diagnostic process to first identify the part with a problem, then fixes that part using the correct tools.

At our Chiropractic Practice, we take a similar approach when it comes to spinal adjustments. By following our unique process, we’re able to better locate the specific joint or joints that need adjusting, then perform the correct treatment on these joints. This way we’re able to avoid unnecessary adjustments of healthy joints.

To determine if Motion Palpation technique can help you with your chiropractic issues, call us right now at 716-677-5525.

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