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Are you experiencing knee pain due to IT band tendonitits?

IT band tendonitis is commonly diagnosed when there is pain felt around the outside part of the knee. But before you settle for this diagnosis and start swallowing anti-inflammatories and icing your knee where the pain is, just ask yourself a couple questions.

Why is it only on one side of my body? Why doesn’t the other knee hurt similarly?

Interesting… I mean, you stand on both feet don’t you? You use both legs the same, right? So why is one IT band developing a problem and not the other?

If you guessed it is because there is something wrong somewhere other than just the IT band, you are absolutely right!

Some of the commonly associated dysfunctions that cause this problem:

  • Sciatic nerve entrapment
  • Altered axis of rotation of the glenohumeral joint
  • Restricted hip extension
  • Restricted hip flexion
  • Adhesion formation
  • Limited dorsiflexion
  • Limited knee flexion

The answer lies in the big picture.

Unless you seek a professional’s help, and accurately assess the entire lower body, you can only guess as to the underlying factor of why the insertion point of the IT band on the lateral aspect of your knee is getting over worked.

The sooner you come in, the sooner you can be free from knee pain, and have the peace of mind that it will stay gone a lot longer than if you just treat the surface problem.

If you think you may be suffering from IT Band Tendonitis, schedule an appointment with Elma Chiropractor Dr. Zelasko or Dr. McCrea today.(716) 677-5525.

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