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Are you experiencing heel pain as a result of a sudden or chronic injury?

“Ouch! What the heck? Did I just step on a pebble or something?”

No, you didn’t step on anything. That sharp pain is coming from inside the bottom of your foot.

So what is it?

It could be a number of things. Does the pain get better as you’re up moving around, and then return once you sit down for a while and try to get up again? If this is the case, it’s most likely the beginning of a degenerated tendon, known as Tendonosis. And no, this isn’t an inflammatory problem. Inflammation will actually help this problem get better.

But that’s not what you’re experiencing?

If your pain sticks around no matter what you do, a professional Chiropractor in Elma should evaluate additional sources of the problem.

First, we need to make sure your ankle is moving properly. The muscles that allow the ankle to function properly also help support the arch of your foot. When these muscles become overworked and problematic, they stop doing their job properly, causing heel pain.

Once this is evaluated and treated, if you’re still experiencing pain, an X-ray may be warranted. Bone spurs on the bottom of the heel can form if the above listed problem is present for a long period of time. However, don’t jump to this conclusion just yet. Many of our patients have heel spurs and live life without pain, which is why we eliminate all of the problems we can before deciding on this test.

To have the source of your heel pain identified and resolved, call Elma Chiropractor Dr. Zelasko and Dr. McCrea at Prime Spine Associates today at 716-677-5525.

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