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Are you experiencing hip pain as a result of a sudden or chronic injury?

The hip joint (femoral acetabular joint) is one of the most stable joints in the entire body. However, this doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong. When we experience pain in and around the hip, the hip joint isn’t always the culprit. A good diagnostic evaluation is critical to determining where your hip pain is coming from.

True hip pain is pain experienced deep in the crease of the front of the hip. This pain is usually worse when we try to squat or sit upright. It normally feels sharp in nature and can be referred to by pointing to a specific spot with one finger.

Are you still not sure if this is your problem?

Lie on your back with both legs extended straight out on the floor. Slowly bend one knee up and grab it with both hands, continuing to bring your knee towards your chest. Normal range would consist of your thigh resting on your rib cage with minimal compression and no pain in the groin or crease in your hip.

Do you feel a pinch?

If you do, then you have an impingement of the joint. This isn’t good! You don’t want to have this problem for any period of time as it’ll lead to further problems down the road. When caught and treated early, this can be fixed. If this is left for a prolonged period of time, the joint starts to become damaged along with the surrounding cartilage. Leave it for an extremely long time, and you’ll be calling your orthopedic for a hip replacement.

Don’t put this off.

Being able to get up and walk around without pain is something we take for granted, until we no longer have the capacity to do so. Take care of yourself; make an appointment with Elma Chiropractor Dr. Zelasko or Dr. McCrea today at 716-677-5525, before it’s too late!

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