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Here it is. The form of treatment that everyone thinks about when they hear the word Chiropractor. That scary “crack”!

What’s really happening?

When an Elma chiropractor adjusts or manipulates a joint in your spine, or anywhere in your body for that matter, they’re simply gapping a specific joint. That quick distraction or gapping of the joint causes a quick change in pressure and an audible pop is heard and felt. This is exactly what is known as the “crack” when referring to chiropractic manipulation.

Is this good for you?

If you have a problem that chiropractic manipulation corrects then yes it’s good for you. Unfortunately, there are many different theories that discuss whether or not this style of manual therapy is beneficial. Most are based more on theory than on hard physical science, so we’re going to stick to the science part.

When a patient experiences a sharp pain when rotating in one direction, and no other soft tissue dysfunction is present, then a problem with the facet joint and it’s menisci moves further towards the top of our list of possible diagnosis. With the absence of any disc related signs and symptoms, this facet impingement moves even further towards the top of our list.

Is chiropractic manipulation right for you?

In summary, each facet joint (two at each level of the spine) has menisci within the joint space. If one of these menisci becomes impinged within a compressed joint, the patient will feel pain in one unilateral direction. This is an example of when that “crack” is a great form of treatment. By simply performing a quick manipulation or gapping of that joint, the menisci has a chance to reset and lie flat within the joint and normal motion is regained. When this is the case, no more than one or two treatments or manipulations are necessary to reduce the problem.


We’re hearing more and more reports about patients receiving generic adjustments by other healthcare professionals that don’t have the skill set or expertise to perform these manipulations. This is unprofessional, unsafe and very DANGEROUS. Tell them to leave the manipulation up to the experts and the professionals that spend years learning the technique.

It’s important to get the right treatment from the right specialist. Call Prime Spine Associates today at 716-677-5525.

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