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Are you experiencing turf toe as a result of a sudden or chronic injury?

Turf toe is the rupture of the flexor hallucis tendon from where it attaches on the plantar aspect of the big toe. This injury is common in athletes that take part in high-intensity running and cutting activities such as those in football, rugby and soccer.

A healthy tendon doesn’t normally tear. When it does, it is due to withstanding a substantial amount of force. In this case, the tendon is under a compromised state for an extended period of time. The tendon slowly becomes weaker and more vulnerable from the force until it finally gives way.

Adhesions (glue-like substance) that accumulate from normal muscle activity gradually compromise the ability of that muscle to stretch and do its job. As adhesion accumulates, the tendon is at greater risk for injury.

Our treatment can reduce or eliminate these adhesions so the muscle can return to its optimal working state and reduce the stress on the tendon. If you are feeling tightness through your foot, ankle, or calf this problem could be in your future unless you get it treated.

Prevention is always a better way to go!

Call Orchard Park chiropractor Dr. Brian Zelasko to have your turf toe adhesions reduced or eliminated.

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