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This syndrome is associated with the two tendons and their sheaths that control the top side of the thumb. These tendons help to move your thumb in a motion of opening and closing your grip.

This is simply inflammation between the tendon and its surrounding sheath.

Imagine a cooked piece of spaghetti inside of a straw. The spaghetti is the tendon, while the straw is the sheath; and the inflammation has accumulated inside the straw(sheath) around the spaghetti (tendon).

So now that we know what it is, how do we fix it?

In this rare case, rest and isolating any movement is a commonly recommended (and sound) treatment. Anti-inflammatories and ice may be recommended, and can help with this condition as well.

Unfortunately this is a very touchy type of syndrome, so any movement of that tendon can irritate the tendon and sheath, causing more inflammation.

The best solution is to get your entire forearm looked at and make sure there are no unnecessary loads being applied to the tendons to cause more irritation that contributes to the inflammation.

Adhesion (glue-like substance) can severely alter how the muscles in the forearm work, and cause unnecessary irritation to these tendons associated with this condition.

Just like any other type of pain you experience, you should seek a professional’s help.

Starting with your primary doctor isn’t always your best option, as it will most definitely get you the same information previously discussed about anti-inflammatories and ice.

Seek a soft tissue minded Orchard Park chiropractor like us and get a complete diagnosis to help you recover as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

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