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Arthritis Sucks.

Arthritis sucks. But it can suck less!

Seriously though, arthritis cannot be reversed. It is structural damage and inflammation within a joint or joints from years of use and abuse. It will get worse over time, but the rate at which it gets worse is in your control.

So how do we control it you might ask?

First we identify any activities or hobbies that are putting you at risk and adjust the frequency and duration you spend doing those. Yes, you most likely have arthritis due to the activities you like to do and participate in the most. But don’t stress, this is temporary while we make some changes to your body in order to make those activities more safe for you to do.

Next we test the affected body part to see what your range of motion is. The number one reason for restricted range of motion is Fibrosis or Adhesion within muscles, tendons, and fascia. So, if your range of motion is restricted, we palpate the surrounding tissues to see if Adhesion exists and is stopping your motion. When adhesion is present, we get in there with our highly specialized treatments and break it up. If you have been in our office before, you already know we are experts are finding and fixing Fibrosis and Adhesion.

Right about now, you are probably thinking:

“Ok great, but what does adhesion in surrounding tissue have to do with the arthritis in my joint that you already said you can’t reverse??”

We’re glad you asked!

The problem with having adhesion or fibrosis in the surrounding tissues of an arthritic joint is added compression. When a joint moves through a range of motion with ease there is very little added compression or force on the cartilage that cushions the inside of that joint. When your motion is restricted by adhesion, the force on the cartilage and joint surfaces increases significantly. This results in increased wear and tear and accelerated breakdown of that joint resulting in arthritis or arthritis changes sooner rather than later. Therefore, if we properly remove the adhesion, we decompress the joint and significantly reduce the amount of wear and tear over time.

What does this mean?

It means, your joint lasts well into your 80’s and 90’s with far less pain! It’s a win win!

So if you have been told your stuck with arthritis…… give us a call and we’ll see if Adhesion is causing your arthritis to be worse than it has to be.

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Dr. Brian A. Zelasko
Soft Tissue Specialist
Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic

Certified in Advanced Chiropractic Care

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Brian A Zelasko, DC
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