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Cervical (neck) Pain

Are one of these activities causing YOUR neck pain?

Are these common activities the main culprits for causing your neck pain?  Majority of the time, yes.  So if you are suffering with neck pain, listen up and make some changes to help relieve your pain.  Of course, if these recommendations don’t work, ASK FOR HELP from a professional like us.

Desk / computer work causing your Neck Pain?

Too many people today sit at a desk and/or computer for over 40 hours a week resulting in a tremendous amount of abnormal stress to the muscles in the back of the neck.  And what do we do when we get out of work, usually go home and us our computer or cell phones and make the problem even worse.  Instead of getting out of the posture that is causing pain we are remaining in it even longer.  Sitting in a chair with your head tilted slightly downward looking at paperwork or a computer screen is a very unnatural posture.  We are human beings and we were designed to endure constant movement as hunter and gatherers, not sit in a sustained posture for long periods of time.  These sustained postures result in prolonged tension on the muscles of the neck and upper back resulting in fibrous adhesion formation.  These adhesions act like glue creating increased pressure on your spine.  Over time your range of motion becomes more and more restricted resulting in more and more pain.  Leave this problem long enough and you will end up with irreversible underlying damage.

Cell Phone causing your Neck Pain?

“No!  You are not taking my phone away from me!”  This is the typical expression that comes across a patients face when we bring up this possible cause.  There is a serious love hate relationship with these mini computers that see to be attached to our hands all day.  The biggest problem is that we tend to use them in a terrible posture, holding the phone in one hand and dropping our heads forward to see the screen.  With all the apps and social media scrolling that goes on, we end up in this posture for many many hours a week resulting in the same injuries discussed above.  Do yourself and your neck a favor and put the phone down and do something else for a while.  Disconnecting from your phone has a world of benefits associated with it.  Try it and you’ll wonder why you didn’t sooner.
Side Note* – lounging on the couch  puts your head in the same bad position even though you may be looking straight forward and not down.

Reading causing your Neck Pain?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, most of us read in the same posture that we use our phones and do desk work.  We drop our head forward putting a lot of strain on the muscles of the back of the neck.  As you already read, this causes a lot of neck pain.  Best thing to do in this case is get that book up in front of you as close to eye level as possible.  One way to accomplish this is by stacking pillows on your lap and resting the book on top of those.  Do whatever works, but the end result should be with your head up looking straight forward like you’re driving a car.

Shoulder problems causing your Neck Pain?

Any injury to the shoulder will eventually lead to adhesion formation and end up restricting range of motion.  This will result in neck pain if left untreated for a long enough period of time.  This is due to the main compensation of our body to shrug the shoulder in order to accomplish the range of motion we lose when the shoulder joint is restricted.  This inherent unilateral compression of the cervical spine as we shrug the bad shoulder results in that one sided pain in the back of the neck.

Get it checked out and get it fixed.

Since we can’t cover everything here, the best thing for you to do when you are in any type of pain is consult your local Soft Tissue minded Chiropractor to get an accurate diagnosis.

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Dr. Brian A. Zelasko
Non-Surgical Neck and Back Specailist
Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic

Certified in Advanced Chiropractic Care

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