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Video: What Is Nerve Entrapment and How Can It Be Treated?

In 2006 Dr. William Brady founded Integrative Diagnosis, a system that helps to serve patients by:

  • Identifying tissue specific diagnosis
  • Prioritize relevant pathology and dysfunction using accurate motion assessments and screening procedures
  • Treat the top relevant pathology with a carefully selected targeted treatment
  • Use a Test-Treat-Retest method to track treatment progress from initial visit to discharge

In this video Dr. Brady explains how nerve entrapment is one of the most common, painful conditions in the body and is what happens when nerves get glued to muscles.

Nerves have to travel through and in between adjacent structures.

Half of all patients with a musculoskeletal disorder have nerve entrapment.

Nerves must slide through the surrounding muscles. When adhesion occurs, the nerve, that usually slides, now tugs on the tissues causing:

  • Pain
  • Limited Motion
  • Tingling
  • Numbness

Watch the video below to learn how treatments can restore health motion and function to the affected nerves.

Brian A Zelasko, DC
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