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Are you experiencing tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome manifest on the inside aspect of the ankle just above the heel. In this area, there is a retinaculum (thin ligamentous structure) that holds four other structures in place.

Three tendons (tibialis posterior, flexor hallucis longus and flexor digitorum longus) all run through the tunnel created in this area by the retinaculum.

These tendons attach muscles in the calf to different areas of the foot and toes to help stabilize the arch of the foot, and to aid fine movements of the foot and ankle.

The fourth structure running through the tunnel is the tibial nerve. This nerve is usually the culprit if you are feeling symptoms in this area. The nerve gets glued down by adhesion, and limits its ability to slide with the movements of the ankle and foot.

You’ll find when you move your foot in a way that stretches that nerve, you feel pain.

If you are feeling symptoms like those described above, the good news is that tarsal tunnel syndrome is very treatable.

At our practice, we’ve successfully treated people with these symptoms many, many times. After treatment, the pain is gone and the full range of motion of the foot is restored.

If you’re suffering from tarsal tunnel syndrome, schedule an appointment with Orchard Park chiropractor Dr. Zelasko today at (716) 677-5525.

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