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Mechanical traction is a form of decompression therapy used to help relieve pain in a region of the spine. Decompressing simply means relieving the compression on a joint or joints Mechanical traction increases circulation, allows inflammation to run its course and clears byproducts of the healing process in an injured area.

When do we use mechanical traction?

Mechanical traction is specifically used to speed up the recovery process for those suffering from disc injuries. However, this method is only a temporary solution.

If your Elma chiropractor decides to administer mechanical traction, it’s important that he or she first address biomechanical dysfunction.

So what is biomechanical dysfunction?

Biomechanical dysfunction describes how the body moves around the area of pain. For example, if you have a disc problem in your lower back, there are a number of structures (muscles, tendons, ligaments) that need to be functioning properly. If they’re not, the compressive forces on your disc are much greater, causing the injury to get worse.

In short, biomechanical dysfunction may be causing the pain in the first place, so you need to eliminate that first before moving on to mechanical traction.

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