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Girl Opening Christmas Gift With Friends.

It’s not your fault.

It’s Christmas time!  The time of year to share with friends and family.  It’s a terrible time to be dealing with pain! If this is you, we need you to know something.


It’s not your fault.

Many of you try to figure out what you did that caused your chronic pain.  What mistakes did you make. Why did this happen to me.

The truth is, it’s not any one thing and it’s not your fault.  Nobody is born knowing that the things they enjoy could be detrimental to their health.  In addition, the majority of doctors and therapists don’t take the time to sit down and tell you the whole story.

The real problem lies in our healthcare system, which so many patients get treatment without a complete diagnosis.  Reality just isn’t fun a lot of the time. But, it’s a responsibility for your doctor to be honest with you. After all, you’re looking for answers, so you need to be made aware of everything involved.

Chronic pain is complicated and not knowing all the details can mean the difference between success and complete failure.  Many healthcare practitioners perform the techniques they chose to get training in or the fancy device they chose to purchase and hope for a positive outcome and are dismissive when it doesn’t work.

Close, almost, and I tried are not acceptable.  Committed , thorough , and accuracy are what it takes to solve chronic pain.  It’s simple, just not easy.

So here is our gift to you this Christmas.  For the first time in 11 years, we are lowering the cost of our care.  This is only the beginning, we have many more exciting announcements coming in the new year.  There are far too many people suffering, and we want to help in every way possible.

So over the next few days as you listen to your family and friends talk about their aches and pains, reassure them the answers are out there.  Encourage them not to give up. Nobody deserves to live in pain.

If you, your family, or a friend need direction or answers we are waiting to help.

Happy Holidays to all of you and Thank You for trusting Zelasko Soft Tissue & Spine.

Dr. Brian A. Zelasko

Soft Tissue Specialist

Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic

Certified in Advanced Chiropractic Care

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Brian A Zelasko, DC
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