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A severely degenerated hip makes life very difficult. With every step, you feel hip pain. You want relief, so you sit; only to find that the longer you sit, the more pain you are in. You can’t win.

The problem with hip replacements is that they only last so long. Once you have the surgery, the clock starts ticking on the hardware the surgeon put in your hip. When it goes bad and the pain returns, you need another new hip.

What’s a better solution?

Avoid the hip replacement altogether! Identify the warning signs that you are headed down the road to surgery early, and you can put this off for a long time.

Try this test.

Lie on your back on the floor. Cross one ankle over the other knee and let the knee of the crossed leg drop outward toward the floor, basically making a number “4” with your legs. If that knee won’t drop all the way down to the floor, your hip joint is restricted and you are causing damage to the joint with everyday activities.

Does the movement cause pain? Then you already have damage to that joint, and you need to develop a plan to start taking care of that hip.

Simple stretching can help gain flexibility with the healthy tissue surrounding the hip. Static stretching of the hip flexors, extensors, external and internal rotators is a good start.

Unfortunately, this will only help the healthy tissue stay healthy. We need to do something about the unhealthy tissue that is restricting your motion and putting more stress through that hip joint.

This is where your favorite manual therapist comes into play. Find a soft tissue minded chiropractor that will help reduce any restrictions due to adhesion formation in the soft tissue.

With an accurate diagnosis of the entire lower back, we can help put that surgery off for a long time, but only if you catch it early enough. Don’t put it off, get help from an Orchard Park Chiropractor.

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